Garden Solar Light – How to Light up Without Wiring Up

Garden lights are a popular way to light up the deck area, yard, garden, patio, or pool.   Most garden lights operate on a 12 volt power, which means they have to run electricity from the house to the lights, which requires wiring.   Many people will forego the lighting of their outdoor areas because they don’t know how to do the wiring or they don’t want to have to struggle with the wiring process.  These people who do not want to deal with wiring will find that the garden solar light will solve all of the problems!

Garden lights are different in that they contain a solar cell, much like the ones in small calculators that operate without batteries. Although, most will have a battery and a charging system built into the light so they will work after dark as intended. During the daylight, the photovoltaic cells convert the sun’s energy into electricity, which is stored in the internal battery, allowing for the garden solar light to produce light at night.

What is amazing is that these lights are designed to turn on after dark and turn off in the mornings, conserving power in the battery. If the sun does not shine during the day, the lights will go out when the battery goes dead. However, a battery in a garden solar light is expected to fully charge in three to four hours of sunlight and keep it lit for up to eight hours once fully charged so in most areas a garden solar light will function beautifully.

The Garden Solar Light is Safe and Effective 

Many parents avoid traditional garden lighting because there is a chance that children or pets can come in contact with the electrical connections. Curious children have been known to be shocked while investigating the inner workings of an outdoor light. Since a garden solar light requires no wiring, the danger of electrical shock is eliminated.

This also eliminates the work of installing electric wire to the lights and even lights far away from the house will be as bright as those that are closer. There will be no power loss experienced regardless of the number of lights connected. A garden solar light can be placed virtually anywhere on the property with the only requirement being it is hit by the sun during the day.

The automatic on and off feature also eliminates battery drain during the day, insuring the garden solar light works in the dark when it is needed. Very little installation work and no cost of electricity make a garden solar light the perfect alternative for those with lights in remote areas of their property.