Solar Power Renewable Energy

Solar power is becoming more popular with each passing year. Many people are implementing solar power into their home and office because they feel that it is the right thing to do, but what they don’t realize is that solar power renewable energy is the only one of its kind. Solar power really is renewable energy.  For a long time fossil fuel based energy has been called renewable, but it is possible to run out eventually, which means that it really is not as renewable as we thought it might be.

Why is solar power renewable energy? Even if we soak up the sun in our solar panels and solar thermal systems every day, the sun will come out again the next day. For as long as we live, the sun will shine. While there may be days where the sky is overcast and we don’t see the sun, it will eventually begin to shine again. Even though the sun goes down at night doesn’t mean it won’t come back out again. In the morning the sun will rise and it will be there again to supply us with the energy that we need. 

Did you know that every day the sun provides us with more energy in one minute than the whole world would need for one year? While solar panels and solar thermal energy systems are not 100% efficient, even if we could use the power that the panels and systems could get, we would be taking advantage of a natural energy source that will come back again and again…for free! 

Solar power is renewable energy and as technology improves our ability to harness the energy of the sun will only improve. Right now the typical solar panel is only 13 to 18% efficient, which is better than nothing, but leaves a lot of room for improvement. The hope is that within five to ten years solar power will be as affordable, if not more affordable, than fossil fuel based energy.  

This solar power renewable energy is a great option because it is better for the environment, we don’t have to depend on other countries for our energy supplies, and every day the sun will come out again and provide us with more of this renewable energy. What is not to like about such a system that is more plentiful than we need but affordable and better for the environment?