Solar Power – The Energy of the Future

Some might ask what exactly is solar power and how does it manifest itself? 

It is a known fact that the earth’s reserve of natural resources including fossil fuel is rapidly depleting due to humans reckless behavior, which is threatening the earth’s future.  Our rising need for more energy is creating an environmental and ecological impact might just destroy us all. No doubt mankind needs energy and the wave of the future is clean energy that can be supplied by the sun.

 We spend a great deal of our finances on heat and light, both essential necessities for survival. Luckily, the need for alternative energy is becoming more fashionable. We as humans need an abundant supply of green renewable low cost energy in order to contain the depletion of our essential necessary natural resources. Solar power is growing in popularity, simply because it is clean, abundantly available and can meet all our energy needs if harnessed properly. Now let’s get deeper into how solar power helps us. 

 The sun is the true origin of much of the power that is generated by man. Solar power is completely loaded with potential and has many benefits, some apparent and a couple of others that are not so transparent. In fact, when you look back, the sun has always been doing well for mankind in many ways from time immemorial and is even truer now.

 Solar power is the only source of energy that offers so much goodness without causing any harm to us or the environment. While modern science has given us many high-tech means of capturing solar energy, but still need to be done before we can fully tap this unlimited supply of energy.

We now have devices, like photovoltaic cells, which are applied for converting solar power into electricity. Some other known modern devices that are powered by the sun include solar cells, solar chimney, solar water heaters, and solar thermal devices and so on. All these equipment’s apply solar radiation for their operation and extend unmatched economy and convenience. Presently, the effective performance of these modern devices may vary greatly depending on surrounding factors. 

 We can classify solar technology into two main types – active and passive based on the way solar radiation is captured, and converted into the desired form of energy and distributed. The devices mentioned above mentioned above fall under the active solar technology class as they involve the direct conversion of solar radiation into the required form of energy.

Passive solar technologies on the other hand, will cover all those materials that have favorable thermal properties and are used in designing buildings and spaces with superb and proper air circulation and ample exposure to sunlight. Both forms of solar technologies serve the purpose of increasing solar power conservation. Simply put, active solar technologies encourage the production of solar energy while passive solar technologies lessen our dependence on non-solar power.  

 It is a fact that no other means of generating power save solar power helps us so much in preserving and protecting our environment. This is accomplished by wholeness of the clean and green nature of solar energy.