Motion Activated Solar Security Light: Works When It Is Needed

Motion activated lights have been used by home owners for many years.  These provide security and comfort and are likely to keep prowlers away from your home.   With the use of solar power, many exterior lights can be installed without the need for expensive installation of wiring, provided the solar cell can point to the sun during the day. The cells of a motion activated solar security light charge an internal battery and in the evening will light up only if motion has been detected.

The idea is ingenious because you can have the security of a motion detector without having to pay for the electricity that is used! The advantage of a motion activated solar security light is that they are only on when motion is detected and will go off a short time after the motion has ceased.

This can save the charge in the battery for the next time something or someone moves through the field of the sensor on the motion activated solar security light. While typical solar lights will store enough power for several hours of after dark use, motion activated lights will last considerably longer because they are not constantly drawing power!

The motion activated solar security light is becoming so popular that today it is offered in many different styles.  You are sure to find the right style for your home or garden area. It is not always possible to install a light where it is needed and have the solar cells attached to the light.

For example, if the light is placed under an overhang or behind a bush, the sun may not hit the light. Using a motion activated solar security light with a remote cell location it will still function properly and give you the security that you want for your home.

Lighting Areas To Fend Off Intruders 

Many people report that their homes are broken into during power outages.  This is likely because those who are breaking the law are able to take cover in the darkness, so no one sees them come and go.

However, with a motion activated solar security light installed electricity is not required to light up the night and scare away would-be intruders, so your home will be much safer than your neighbors who don’t have the solar lights!

A motion activated solar security light will provide illumination when getting home after dark, without having to leave a light on, alerting others that since the light is on, there is a good chance no one is home.

This can provide additional security to the home and its occupants. As you can see, these lights really just do come in handy and make so much sense from an environmental point of view as well as being very cost effective.