Solar Panels Power

Solar panels are used to take the heat of the sun and turn it into electricity.  Solar thermal power has been used for hundreds of years to warm the homes of people even in ancient times, but solar panels are made to take something that we have in abundance, sunshine, and turn it into something we need, which is electricity. Solar panels power is something that more people are looking into than ever before due to the rising costs of fossil fuels.

Solar panels power stores the energy from the sun and then allows for it to be used by the electrical devices in a home or even an office. The idea is that this is a much more affordable and environmentally friendly way of getting the electricity that we need since the sun does not cost anything and there are no greenhouse gases or toxins that are released through the production of this type of power. 

The advantages of the solar panels power is vast and includes being more environmentally friendly, using a renewable resource, and even being less noisy. The problem is that the systems are still relatively expensive for most people and this means that the cost of fossil fuel based power is more affordable for the average household than solar power. 

Luckily, solar panels are the focus of many researchers and even the government, so the goal is within the next five to ten years to have the solar panels power be just as affordable as the fossil fuel based power. This will allow for people to more readily make the choice between an environmentally and renewable energy source and one that is costing more and more with each passing year and also destroying our environment. 

Solar panels are readily available to those that want to start making the switch to solar power now. They can be installed professionally, or do it yourself kits are available. There are many different types of panels that vary in efficiency, size, and weight. It’s important to remember that solar panels are only about 13 to 18% efficient, so keep this in mind when deciding how many panels and what type you need to meet your energy production goals.  

This solar panels power can be used to heat water, heat or cool your house, and even run your household appliances; one just needs to have realistic expectations based on their house and the amount of sunshine that the house gets between the hours of  10am and 3pm.